Flying to Thailand is one of the easiest things to do. When you’re looking for the best place for the vacation, of course, you can get the best experience as you go there. The flight to Thailand will be quite variable due to the many flights and airlines that will offer the flight there. But, after you get to Thailand, you need to know the things there. Public transport is good and available, so you will never get bored with the transportation options. In this case, you can also choose some things that will determine your needs.

As there are so many things you can choose when you fly to Thailand, you need to also know which airport you’ll fly. In this case, make sure you know that you will arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport when you choose to fly in regular, first class and the business class flights. But, if you opt to choose the low-cost flights, you will arrive at Don Mueang International Airport. You can see the places and also the transportation options so you will never get any difficulty when you get there. In this article, we’ll give you lots of choices when you go to Thailand.

The Public Transportation Options From Don Mueang Airport

Arriving at Don Mueang Airport means you will have lots of access to the best public transportation option. In this airport, you will get some options that will be perfect. The airport itself is comfortable and will give you many facilities for the passengers. As you get on the flight, you will have an access to a comfortable waiting room. There are also some places for shopping and souvenir shops, which will be a perfect consideration for every tourist. But, when it comes to you to choose the transport from Don Mueang International Airport, here are some options you can get:

  1. The first option is to go to the center of Bangkok city in Don’t worry, there are plenty of taxis available around the airport so you will never find the difficulty when you have to access from the airport to the city center. The taxi will cost you 350 baht, quite expensive for your transport. It is reasonable since the airport is located around 24 km from the city center. But, you need to know that in busy hours you will need to wait for the queue.
  2. If you fancy going on the train or bus, it will cost you less than when you opt to go on taxis. In this case, you can choose the bus no. 29 for the trip. Besides, the public transport will never disappoint you as you choose the best, fastest transportation option from Don Mueang Airport. But, you need to take a note that it will operate only in its operation hours, so you need to make sure it suits your schedule.
  3. You can also get some online taxis that will be good for your trip to As you choose the online taxis, you can find the best experience as you get the best choice for the play. Some buses might be really bothering if you don’t get them in the operational hours. However, the online taxis will always be available anytime and the fare is more reasonable and affordable than the regular taxis.

Those are some choices for you to choose when you go to Thailand for a good experience while exploring the country. Indeed, the place will be a good thing as there are so many unique things in the place. But, determining which transportation you’ll take will be the best decision for you as you can save more money for the transportation.