Thailand is one of the popular traveling destinations recently. With heaps of beautiful places and delicious street foods, you can be sure that everything will make it more interesting for you. When you’re in Thailand, you might want to explore the country as a whole place. Therefore, you can go from a city to another. However, you need to also know that you can get a faster route when you’re in Thailand by choosing the plane as your transportation. Indeed, the flights are affordable here and you can also get many options for the airlines. So, you will never get any disappointment when choosing them.

Flying in Thailand means you need to choose one of two airports; Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang. In this case, you can choose Suvarnabhumi International Airport if you choose some exclusive airlines, such as Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways. There will be a comfortable lounge and exclusive places in Suvarnabhumi. Besides, the low-cost carrier flights will take off from Don Mueang International Airport. So, before you start choosing the airlines, you need to also consider the flights and your budget. Of course, by choosing the right airlines, your life will be more attractive.

The Options Of The Most Recommended Airlines In Thailand

There are some airlines that will be a perfect choice when you go on an adventure in Thailand. Hopping from an airport to another, you can choose whether you want to be on a budget plane or in the exclusive ones. Of course, you need to consider and suit them with your life attractive look. Therefore, you can get the best experience by flying with one of these airways:

  1. Thai Airways, as one of the best economy class airlines in the world, will give you a perfect flying experience. This airline provides many facilities such as entertainment in the cabin, food, free baggage 30kg and you can also get lots of drink options when you’re flying with Thai Airways from Suvarnabhumi Airport. It offers a good facility with the best deal, especially when you compare it with low-cost carrier airways small seats.
  2. Bangkok Airways is also a good choice when you want to fly in comfort from Suvarnabhumi Airport. This airline will give you a comfortable service for the passengers. Besides, there are also some personalized services that will make you feel like at your home. In this flight, you will also get 20 kg free checked baggage and there will also be the free drinks and food. With its beautiful, tailored design, it is called as the boutique airline.
  3. Thai Lion Air is also a choice when you want to fly in Thailand. This airline is a low-cost carrier airline that will be comfortable for you. Lion Air has been popular in Indonesia as its origin. You need to choose the flight from Don Mueang International Airport if you need to fly with Thai Lion Air. It has 15 free checked baggage and you will also get some facilities on board.
  4. If you want to fly from Don Mueang International Airport and opt for an affordable flight, then you can choose Air Asia for flying. This is also a good low-cost carrier airline that will give you a comfortable experience when flying. However, you will need to pay more when you want to have a meal on board or reserve a seat. Please be aware this airline’s seat is quite small and cramped especially for the tall people.

So, those are some popular airlines in Thailand you can choose from your flight to this beautiful country. They provide the good flight facilities with comfort and the easiness when you need to book them. You just have to decide where you’ll take off, whether it is in Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang International Airport.